Norah turned 4. And she (mostly because of her older siblings ideas) decided that she needed a birthday party with friends. And it needed to be a cat party. So we did one. But I kept it SUPER simple. She had a few things she was insistent on. There had to be pink. And there had to be cat ears.

This cutest dress is from Little Livey. Isn’t it so so cute?!! And my lovely momma made the cute ears. I bought some thicker headbands, two colours of pink fabric and some dress boning.

I got the little cat stuffies from the local Pharmacy and each girl got one to take home along with their ears. Her big cat is what she got from Santa.

One shot of me decorating the cake. It was a simple white cake with a chocolate mousse in between the layers and a raspberry buttercream on top.

The whole party was acting like cats. They drank milk from “cat dishes”. And ate goldfish from “Cat dishes”. And chased yarn with their paws. And had a meowing contest. And they loved it. HA! What 4 year old little girl doesn’t like to act like a cat. 🙂

And then they had cake. That was it.

Fun and simple and it made her happy.

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  • February 6, 2017 - 1:43 pm

    Kristin - What a smart (and so cute!) party idea! Your baby is 4. That’s mind boggling to me!

  • February 6, 2017 - 9:42 pm

    Alex - Seriously SO CUTE!!


One of the best things about taking pictures is seeing and capturing true emotions and moments. I have never had the opportunity to capture a surprise proposal. But this lovely day I did. Hiding in the bushes, driving out early with a friend and setting up the ring and flowers on a blanket, stepping in a mud hole, laughing and enjoying seeing her surprise and his desire to make things perfect. So much fun. Aren’t they just the cutest couple?!

Awwww!!!!  Huge, huge congrats to these two. Perhaps we need some more bread to celebrate, 😉

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I always ask couples to fill out a little survey about themselves so  I can get to know them as a couple. And Holly and Nathan had my favourite answer so far. The question is “Use one word to describe yourselves” and she wrote Joyful. That is a such a lovely word. And such a wonderful way to start a marriage!!!

We had fun giggling together and freezing a bit. 😉 I loved all their answers so I’ll share them.

Where did you meet? We meet at Popson park, Lethbridge at a Single Adult outdoor dance on June 13, 2015.

When did you first realise that you wanted to marry each other? About a month into dating – October 2o16. 

What kinds of things do you like to do together? Dance, eat sushi, family time and hiking.

Where did the proposal happen? We went out to eat at Mocha Cabana and then out to Nathan’s farm. He proposed out on a hill looking over the mountains at sunset.

Tell me about your first date: “The first time I met Nathan’s parents, we went to his house and rode quads and made pizza. And it was the night of our first kiss too.

Where do you love to go together? The mountains!

Aren’t they so cute?!! So much fun with these two!! Can’t wait for their wedding! I love being around people in love!!! It’s the best!

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  • February 2, 2017 - 7:39 pm

    Kristin - Be still my heart!!! What beautiful pictures. Man we are lucky to know you!!


This was totally a last minute idea to go out when the trees were just looking so stinking pretty. It was so pretty out and you add in a pretty family and end up with loveliness. A fun cold morning!  I always love taking pictures of these beautiful girls!!

Love these guys!

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This lovely little girl turns 4 today. I still remember very vividly realising that we were pregnant. I had a nine month old. And I was barfing my guts out. And it was a complete shock to us. It always took us a lot of time to get pregnant and here we were with a surprise. That was something that happened to other people. And I was puking my GUTS out with a baby. I cried about it a lot. (After the shock wore off.) Months later when Id gotten my brain around it I was at the swimming pool and I saw a friend who lives far away. She was talking to me about having kids so close and basically she said “Oh Rhonda, it’ll be TERRIBLE for about 2 years. And then it will be so so awesome. They’ll be the best pals and you will love it. But yes, it’ll be terrible for the beginning but you can do it.” And looking back now 4 years later, she was SO right. The first 2 years were so so hard. But we fumbled our way through it. Lots of disasters and embarrassing moments (mostly at church). Post-pardum depression. Feeling completely overwhelmed with it all. But here we are at 4 and that feels like a lifetime ago already. And man do we love having this sweet girl as the baby in our family. On a side note, if the kids say Norah is baby, she always responds with “I’m the baby of the family, but I’m not a baby.” It’s adorable.

Norah at 4:

  • still doesn’t sleep thru the night every night (we were awake from 2-530 last night)
  • loves little things like little critters and small polly pocket style toys
  • is obsessed with her cousin Sage and asks to see her almost the minute she wakes up and she cries almost every time they said good bye
  • loves cats a lot.
  • is totally a mom’s girl
  • she knows most of her letter names and sounds. She can write her name and spell mom and dad and recognise all the kids names in our family
  • she loves stay and play and literally jumps for joy when it’s time to go
  • she loves to read books
  • she loves to paint and do crafty things
  • She wears dresses most days and loves to dress up
  • she still loves to be carried most places
  • she can’t wait to go to school and learn
  • she loves that she gets to go to REAL primary class now at church
  • she still is quite tiny, not even 30 pounds yet
  • her shoe size is still really small too – only size 9
  • she has very blue eyes
  • she uses her lower lip to pout quite often to try and get things
  • she loves to play pretend family especially with ollie
  • we just finally got her out of the habit of having to read her a book EVERY single time she uses the bathroom
  • she loves bubble baths
  • she loves playing in the snow
  • when something is cute she talks in a teeny tiny high voice about it “Oh this is soooo cute”
  • she loves pizza – but only pepperoni
  • she loves cheese – strings, sharp ones, loves a smoked gouda
  • she loves bread and fruit too
  • she actually is kind of a terrible eater
  • she adores and looks up to Lucy a lot and especially loves it when Lucy does “School” with her and teaches her things
  • She’ll ask me to list how much i love her and giggles the whole time while I do my list
  • she runs to dad and jumps into his arms to welcome him home
  • she’s my sidekick and goes most places with me
  • she’s used to playing with kids older than she is, so sometimes she has a hard time connecting with kids her own age

She really is loved, this little pal of mine. She is our best surprise we’ve ever had!

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