1. Regan wants to be bald (no he can’t shave it – i think if God gave you baldness He gave you a head that looked good without hair)…. I wish I had no teeth – just fake ones that I never got cavities in that looked totally normal.

2. Spring has sprung. And my herbs are growing.

3. Seems I’ll put books on hold and no come forever and then all of a sudden a whole whack come in.

4. My kids both had a friend over last Friday who got to stay until after supper. It was lots of fun and craziness. They did some pillow sumo wrestling. Which made me (and them laugh).

5. And the boys drew stuff together.

6. And this child drew all over himself with markers.

7. Made a change to my plate wall and added a chalkboard. Really gotta show you how it looks (the whole room now!)

8. Doesn’t this make you smile?? I love it when his hair gets all sweaty and sticky upy.

9. Spring Soccer has started. And this little lady has already played her first two games. She’s surprised us with how she kind of actually goes after the ball. Totally thought she’d be a little more passive on the field. Love it!

10. Speaking of my chalkboard that great quote comes from a new band I am totally in love with lately.