1. I was reading this article the other day about bloggers and how they fall out of love with blogging because it changes from something they love into a business. It made me think about blogging and why and when I do it. Yesterday I was running on a very short amount of sleep. The few days previous had been plagued¬†with exhaustion and I was just a bit of a zombie. Blogging is something that I find fun and enjoyable and I try to be fairly consistent. But if other things come up before it and I don’t get to it, that’s OK. I’m telling this to you as much as to me. ūüėČ I’ve been choosing to take a nap instead of blogging during nap time. 5 am is a killer!

2. We celebrated my dad turning 65. Almost the whole family got together. And Sean was there so I played aground with some of his lenses. (fun!) RLS_0265RLS_0270

3. Me and the two littles are slowly adjusting to the only kids at home during the day. It’s so much easier to go anywhere with one less kid. We’ve been especially been enjoying the fantastic fall we’ve been having!


4. I hope to share Oliver and Eli’s completed room next week. It just needs a few last details and then it feels “done” to me.


5. Speaking of fall, hasn’t it been awesome?! I love fall especially when it’s like this!


7. I’ve been feeling frustrated with the amount of things I can get done in a day. I know it’s not about my list. But I still have one and I have to remind myself about the little people and how they are the reason for everything.


8. We went to Waterton in the middle of the week and it was AWESOME. Really, I always love waterton! I’m hoping to go again this weekend!!


9. We are getting new flooring in our upstairs this next week and I AM SO EXCITED about it!!!! It’ll be linoleum that looks like hardwood! Fantastic. Love love love it.

10. Did you know that I have over 2500 people read my blog every month?! Crazy right? Especially when I get an average of 3 comments. Most time not even that! Let me know you’re here every now and then!

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