This little man is one.
Happy Boy
Can you believe it??
This year has gone by so fast.
10 things about Oliver at one:

1. Only says “dadadadada” and sometimes “babababababab”
2. Is SUCH A happy baby!!! He is always smiling!
3. Loves to wrestle with Eli. (And it makes me nervous)
1 Years old!
4. Finally is sleeping a bit better. Only up once a night lately.
5. Cries when anyone goes outside. Whether he knows them or not. He’s just sad he didn’t go too!
6. When it’s bedtime, he is READY for bed and doesn’t do well with staying up late.
7. Is VERY loved by his older siblings! They love to help out with him!
His latest
8. Has one nap a day (which I try and keep for the afternoon.)
9. Isn’t a great eater and makes a huge mess every single meal cause he won’t wear a bib.
10. Brings such joy into our home!!
Funny no?