1. I didn’t have anything to say yesterday, so I didn’t post ūüôā

2. I need to can a whole bunch of peaches

3. I had my mid way ultrasound last week. Yep I am half way to having this kid.

4. My kids are getting excited about the baby.

5. I am SO tired of all of my family living in three rooms. I wish our basement would get fixed already! When Oliver naps the kids pretty much just have to be outside or else they wake him up.

6. I picked out carpet for the basement and now we just need it put in.

7. I am excited about back to school.

8. I have a few ideas for Oliver’s bedroom decorating. And as soon as our basement is put back together I am decorating his room.

9. Speaking of Oliver, he is almost a year. CRAZY hey?

10. I am going to Calgary to do some school shopping probably all by myself. And that sounds awesome.