1. A few of you caught my list last week. And my big news on it.

2. Yep 5 kids. CRAZY. Can’t even believe it still. Every day I am like wow. I thought 4 was our end. But I guess God had other plans. It has always taken us a long time to have a baby. So getting pregnant when we weren’t planning is still a shock. Apparently this little person NEEDS to come to our family.

3. And yep, just like all the past 4 I feel terrible. And puke a lot. This time it seems to be night time that is a real struggle for me. Lots of throwing up at night. Nothing like waking up at 2 am to puke 🙂 HAHAHA

4. OR scaring the neighborhood kids by having them walk into the bathroom when you are puking while trying to hold your 10 month old away from the toilet… 🙂 Good times. Good times.

5. We told the kids one night last week and the next morning Lucy told some man that stopped by our house that she didn’t even know. To say she is excited is an understatement. (of the century.) She’s already praying it’s a girl.

6. I’ve also been told by a few people already that I am looking well…. plump. (not in those exact words)… Which is hard on the ol’ self esteem. I still haven’t lost baby weight from Oliver and now I am going to put on more. Discouraging!

7. Most days when I am trying to put Oliver to sleep I am overwhelmed with the fact that I HAVE A baby. And there is another one coming. Wow.

8. And I am amazed that my mother had all of us (6 plus 1 adopted) in a short amount of time. She must have been soooooo sleep deprived. (And a little nutty).

9. Since find out I was pregnant I have felt a shift in my focus. Or more like a tightening of my focus. Other things that try to crowd in that I want to do have fell to the wayside. And I feel much more focused on my children and my family. I always felt like I was choosing motherhood in a lot of ways, but now motherhood is choosing me even more.

10. And if you are trying to do the math…. Oliver and the new baby will be 16 months apart. All our other kids are 3 years…. and then 16 months. Woah. Many times Regan and I have said to each other.. I can’t believe some people have their kids this close together on PURPOSE! CRAZY! 🙂