1. I want to shoot a wedding on a beach.

2. I used my saws that my dad gave me on the weekend. It was fun.

3. I cut my hair off. Well I didn’t cut it, Rebecca did 🙂

4. I read the Thirtieth Tale last week. SO GOOD!!! Read it!

5. Did I ever share this picture? I can’t remember.

6. My dad calls my mom a “rabble-rouser”. Apparently I am also one. 😉

7. Love these project life pages.

8. Some times taking untraditional pictures is fun.

9. I’ve fallen off the 365 picture a day wagon lately. I need to get back on because I love it. It captures moments I love like these….
09 January 2012
21 January 2012
26 February 2012

10. My messed up basement is driving me crazy.