1. When I sit down to nurse Oliver he always plays with his own hair when he is sleepy.
Oliver & Mom May 2012

2. Whenever Alden snuggles with me, which he asks to do – especially if I am wearing a house coat (yep I totally wear a house coat sometimes…. maybe not be the cutest but MAN is it comfy), he always holds my hand. But not just holds it, but we kind of rub our hands. It’s hard to explain but he’s been doing it with me since he was very small. And every time it reminds me of how he is my first little boy. And takes me back to when I first realized that he did it years ago.
Alden & Mom May 2012

3. Eli often will walk up to me, hug me and say “I love you mom!” It used to be that he’d always say “I love you TOO mom” even when I hadn’t said it first. And when I tell him I love him too he gets to biggest grin in his face and then runs off to play. (My eyes look a little creepy in this…)
Eli & Mom May 2012

4. Lucy’s language of love is giving gifts. But it is gifts she has made. Songs she has written, poetry, stories, pictures she drew. I totally get that about her ūüôā
Lucy & & Mom May 2012

5. Since I am often (as in pretty much always) behind on laundry Alden has to go searching for socks in the morning (in my defense he has for YEARS hidden his dirty socks…. like behind to toilet and in other weird places so they often don’t get washed and then I find a pile of smelly socks….) anyways, he often wears socks that don’t even come CLOSE to matching. One day he was wearing one of Eli’s and one of mine. I tell him to try again but he doesn’t care and will try and sneak out of the house wearing mismatched socks.

6. I often wonder lately if Eli will ever sleep like everyone else. On the morning after an especially bad night with him I struggle to be patient with him. On those days I am even more grateful for the funny things he says that lighten our family up. He is a really hilarious child.

7. Oliver now army crawls. And I think he loves that he can do it. He is 8 months old today. Crazy!

8. My mom tested Lucy’s reading level a couple weeks ago when they were out there for a sleepover. Grade four. She is in grade one. She is one smart cookie. And because I know how smart she is I wish she would realize it and embrace it. She acts like she can read things or talks baby talk or talks about how others are smarter. And I just want her to know that she is smart and not brag about it but be proud of it and USE those brains.

9. It’s funny to think back to when I was a kid and I would image being a mom. It is way harder and way better than I thought. I’m so glad every day that I have these kids and that I have Regan with them.
13 May 2012

10. Yesterday was the anniversary of Regan’s brother’s Ryan’s death and today is Kelly’s birthday. So we’ve got both of them on our minds.

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