1. It feels like spring is HERE. And maybe summer too.

2. Remember I said I got an ipod awhile ago?? There are some cool photo apps on there. Not NEARLY as nice of a camera as on the iphone that Reg has but it has it’s place too. A little collage of shots from my ipod over the last while.

3. I need to do a whole blog post about Easter and all the things we did.

4. And I need to do a whole blog post about some other random family things too. Sometimes I wonder what is the right balance between family stuff and stuff like project life and cooking and all those kinds of things. Some days I have enough to say for TWO blog posts 🙂 HA! What do you think about THAT?

5. I am anxious to get our backyard all done. Especially raised beds and a fence. And a cement pad with a basketball net. I’d love to play outside shooting hoops with my kids!

6. Went to the park today to meet a friend and then ended up seeing four other friends there too. Love it when that happens!

7. Mother’s Day is coming up…. thought about a gift yet for your mom & mil??

8. Have you seen this? Scary!

9. I have decided that I want to do food photography. I think it’d be fun for like a magazine or a menu or website for a business. But the likely hood of that is small.

10. I might be getting a tad bit annoying with this…. but here is this again. If you haven’t entered yet – do it!