1. I am at 30 weeks. Wowzers. That means 10 weeks until a baby.

2. Like four different friends offered for me to borrow their cribs. So thank you!!

3. I am on the lookout for a desk. A good one that will suit my crafting needs for a long time but it also not too big and not too small. And that will be something i will love for a long time. I haven’t found it yet. Just in case you are wondering.

4. Speaking of crafting, last week when the kids had a few days off school I was kind of on a home decorating blitz. I sewed curtains for the boys room downstairs, got them hung, recovered a bulletin board and hung it, painted and hung a large letter for each kid in their rooms, got the door for Lucy’s wardrobe door mirror in. All of it looks great and I’ll take some pictures this week to show you the kids rooms when I get those last little details done in them!

5. Yesterday we went out and visited my parents for most of the day. I love that we can go see them often.

6. I liked it when it warmed up a bit on the weekend.

7. My back hurts a LOT lately. And that is annoying.

8. I REALLY need to go grocery shopping!!!!!!!!

9. My grandma is coming to stay over for a week next week. We are going to make chocolates. She is going to spoil me by making supper for us and I’m going to rest. It’ll be lovely.

10. I am starting on some matching-ish quilts for Alden and Eli. I’ll show you them when they are done.