1. I want to totally revamp my photo blog & this blog. I know what I want but don’t know how to do it…. Wonder if I could get someone to switch services with me?

2. One of my favorite shots for my recent assignment from my photo class. I was supposed to try light that I don’t normally shoot in. Lucy and me in the bathroom with a lamp and a towel wrapped around it.

3. I feel like spring is finally here…. what do you think??

4. Seems quiet in blog land.

5. I have three coats. Two have broken zippers and the other lost all but two buttons and has a huge huge hole in the pocket that makes me lose my keys. I think it’s time to buy a coat.

6. Sometimes I think I can fit into some of my old pants and then at the end of the day I take them off and I realize my stomach has been hurting all day from wearing pants that don’t fit.

7. I just got an ipod. Talk about behind the times. ūüôā And I got it with my airmiles so it was free. (even though Reg says that’s not free cause I used my airmiles but I call it free.)

8. Found this list of books to read to your kids or have them read before they are 10. I’ve been thinking about books for Alden (and Lucy) that are not kid picture books but chapter books. Looks like lots of classics.

9. Another shot to end on from my class of Lucy wearing a sweet vintage hat I found at a swap meet.

10. I’ve decided it would be neat to plan a swap meet. Rent the ice arena in town, get vendors, have a little booth with treats to sell aka “concession”. Cool vintagey things and antiques. Like this one of my dreams to attend but a small version in Southern Alberta. But it’d almost need to be a fundraiser for something? And really it’d just be nicer if someone ELSE planned one and I got to go. But that seems unlikely.