1. On Saturday we drove to Drumheller with three other families. It was fun and gross (the reptile place). And a long drive. I’ll post a whack of pictures from our adventures on Wednesday. Here’s twp for now. Yep that’s a big snake around our necks. And Roman and Finn standing/ sitting next to some huge turtles.

2. Can’t believe it snowed again.

3. Guess who FINALLY got new boots??

4. Love this shot I caught of Regan and Eli playing train one morning in the kitchen. Regan was shooting it on his iPhone too.

5. Speaking of his iphone he had to get a new one since Alden dropped his last one and the WSD couldn’t be fixed.

6. We had a lot of kids over this past week and Eli loved it every time.All these boys were over to play for a while and they convinced me they needed to watch one tv show so I let them and then they came upstairs and told me they wanted to play with that thing with colors – and I could NOT figure out what they were talking about…. so they took me downstairs and pointed to the Twister box. They had seen commercial and wanted to play it. They played with it for like 40 minutes!

7. Loved this shot I caught of Eli sitting on the kitchen stools.

8. Playing doctor with dad before church Sunday morning.

9. I am tired.

10. I love this man for putting up with me trying my photo class assignments when I need someone to be in a picture (especially when I KNOW he doesn’t like pictures!)