1. Did you know I hate competition? I think it only applies in sports (and not at any crazy level there – HATE that) and games (and even then only a very small level of it). I think it is such a waste of time and energy and good will to constantly compare and compete. Competition in our lives in other areas robs us of self worth and can consume us and create unkind feelings and actions to others. Life is just too short for all that nonsense.

2. I love love love love LOVE my dinner club. (Did I mention I love it?)

3. Is this not the cutest sound?

4. Alden has been asking me for quite some time if he could read Harry Potter and finally I told him he could read the first book if he wanted. He started that instant.
19 February 2012

5. Last week while school was out Alden wanted (and got) to play the wii TOO much. So on one day I wrote a list of random things and then put them all into a container and he picked them out and had to build them out of lego. This is his temple. It had an angel Moroni but someone took it off.
Lego Temple

6. Grandma came over to visit. And Oliver likes to follow his mom wherever she goes. And apparently Eli likes to eat his toes.
20 February 2012

7. This kid was in DIRE need of a hair cut. My friend Rebecca came over and did it…. and Eli wasn’t such a fan (as usual)
17 February 2012

8. It SNOWED and looks all pretty now.

9. Our new van is AWESOME!! It’s a 2012 Honda Odessey. Did I already tell you that? Can’t remember. I need to take a picture of it! Tomorrow (maybe)

10. I baked a LOT of stuff over the past week. And sadly now I want brownies. These ones to be exact. I made them at Christmas and I *might* still be dreaming of them. I wonder if I can still find some candy canes…..