1. A few pictures from the baby blessing last weekend.

2. And I set up a little “studio” in my basement for a newborn shoot and thought I needed someone else to try it on, so Whit was nice enough to bring Oscar over. And it worked out good since it was his 1 year old birthday this past week.

3. We tried moving Eli downstairs with Alden just for the night to give it a try. It did NOT work out.

4. These are so seriously loved boots. They started out with puppy tails (both ripped off). He wears them EVERYday. Seriously. All the time. We have to hide them so he won’t wear them to church on Sundays. They are cracked and full of holes now. I need to find something worthy to replace them.
16 February 2012

5. Oliver is SUCH a happy baby.

6. I had a fun b-day party for my SIL whit at my house a couple nights ago. I love throwing parties.

7. I love this girl. I miss living close to her SO BADLY. Glad we still can talk on the phone sometimes and text.

8. All the Steed Grandkids at the blessing. And Eli and Gavin aren’t even crying in it ūüôā

9. Last night Regan was on call (well Sat and Sun) and sometimes the hospital calling me wakes me up totally and sometimes I sleep right through it.

10. That’s about all I have to say.