1. I think I post about the weather every week in my 10 on Tuesday….. 🙂 CRAZY nice out.. well except that wind!

2. I took this picture on the 15th and I really love it. Eli being natural.

3. And a couple of my favorites from my class I am in the midst of right now….
Strong Shade Edited
Backlight Edit

4. Poor Lucy was puking Sunday night and Monday.

5. I found our box of dress ups a week or so ago and MAN have then been used so much lately!
Sidelight Edited
Strong Light EDIT

6. Since starting Project Life I have been paying attention more again to the scrapbooking world. I’ve still been scrapbooking here and there. But really until two months ago I wasn’t doing it consistently. But now I’ve started a baby book for Oliver (remind myself to show you some of it soon). But anyways, my point is that I’ve found some great SB blogs again. Like this one and this one.

7. I love having women over for lunch! In the past two weeks I’ve had three groups of people. Some as couples and some just moms and kids. I think it is a great way to get to know people and cook food that my kids would hate 🙂

8. My friend Chelsea has a great blog that makes you think a lot and gives a spiritual boost and she linked to another site I love reading now.

9. Oliver has blown out a LOT lately.

10. can you believe it is the last day of January????