1. I am glad you all liked yesterdays idea. I did too. That’s why I copied Heather and did it too! If 15 is too much you could say the 5th starting in Feb and do it until next february! Or it doesn’t have to coincide with the date. Just do 10 pictures in one day. Or five. I was really trying hard to do horizontal pictures too. I just naturally take vertical. My eye just sees them easier.

2. I am starting an online photo class again with the lovely Wendy Schulz today. Coolio. Could be tricky in the winter but it’s a go.

3. I love that I can say to this girl, “please will you come out onto the deck even though it’s cold out – the light is SO nice right now and I’ll just take a few frames???” And she’ll do it. And look cute at the same time.
Enjoying the light

4. Eli loves to make up songs. Especially about Oliver. This is what I hear ALL DAY long……..

5.I’ve decorating for Valentine’s Day. (Regan says a little bit too early and a little bit too much.) I’ll share my mantle and banner and all that tomorrow or Monday. (I know you are on the EDGE of your seat for that ūüôā ha!)

6. One of my very favorite shots from yesterday was this one of Alden. Because it is SO Alden. He is a big goof and I love it.
11:22 am

7. Nichole noticed there was lots of reading in our day. And it’s true. Normally there is lots from me too, just no pictures of it!

8. Did I mention that our computer is having troubles lately. Like worrisome troubles. We might end up getting a new one sooner than we thought! I am glad we have Time Machine and that it backs everything up often.

9. I just found out this week that NONE of my emails from my photo website get through to me. CRAPPY! And I am not sure why or how to fix it. Bummer!

10. Some of you have mentioned that you wanted to play along in the our family in photos idea that Brooke and I are doing on Fridays from my friend Jenn. We’d love to have you play along. Email me (steedr@gmail.com) for the list. And would you like a linky thing that you can link up to too or no thanks on that??