1. I took a break on blogging. And then I went back and added some posts. ūüôā Cause I’m tricky like that. They have LOTS of pictures. Feel free to peruse them and comment on them.

2. We took down all Christmas stuff today. And it was great.

3. Regan took some days off this week and it is great too.

4. We took some family pictures the other night. This is one of the treasures in the bunch.
02 January 2012 -2

5. I looooved seeing the clouds hugging Chief Mountain like this.
Chief Mountain

6. Regan and I (along with some help from Matt and Shannon) tiled our fireplace. Still have to grout it. Should have done that tonight but I didn’t.

7. I am doing Project Life this year. Heard of it? I’m excited and ready to go!!
cultivate a good life by Becky Higgins

8. I am starting a GREAT photo project I am rrrrrrreally excited about!!! I’ll be sharing my first on Friday!

9. Is this weather not the strangest!! Just let the wind stop!!

10.Happy New Year from the Steeds!!
02 January 2012