1. I am working on Blurb books today. Something I should have done like last week, but I didn’t :).

2. Yes my shelves are AWESOME 🙂 Thanks be to Brad for building them, DAve for painting them and Abby for designing and dreaming them up!

3. I love that it snowed now that Christmas is close.

4. I wrapped one present last night. Yep. All done that ONE. HA!

5. Me and my friend Jodi went down across the border to pick up packages and we came back across and didn’t have to pay any duty. 🙂

6. Did I mention I want to fill my shelves but I’m trying to be patient?

7. Oliver is super duper cute.

8. Eli is sleeping horrible again.

9. When my shelves were getting painted I had Dave paint my bedroom dresser too. and I lloooooooooove it white.

10. I am obsessed with white painted things!