1. Yesterday Crystal commented about a raymond story about sports. Yep, it’s a sports town. Who knows if our kids will ever be fully involved or not. We’ll never push them to sports but if t hey want to play we’ll support them. But in a completely normal way.

2. My friend Carlye made this for me… isn’t it AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I looooove it!!
Scrabble Gift

3. I finally hung up a few things!!! This is in the basement with spots for my kids to hang their art up and a chalk board and a white board.
Basement Photo Wall

4. I love this little man. And I am enjoying him so much!! My Aunty Ilo sent this outfit plus another to Oliver! (And a book to all my other kids!)
nov 18 - 2 Months Old

5. Sunset. Just down the road from my parents house!
nov 21 - Sunset

6. To me this is the essence of Southern Alberta.
nov 20 - Home

7. My Grandma lives with my parents now which means my kids have a great grandma. Something I always had and always loved!
nov19 - Great Grandma

8. I never really felt nervous about the fires. They were far enough away that we were totally okay. But I did want to go closer to take pictures BADLY! Wish I could have taken some of the fire fighters and such. Cool! Takes me back to school when I took photography for newspaper stuff.

9. Eli plays with Nathan literally every day. We love having him over. Too bad they are moving soon! BOO!
nov16 - Neighbor

10. We have a Christmas work party tonight and I need to make something tasty!