1. Yesterday I went to Costco. And my trip there involved a H-U-G-E blowout from Oliver. As in to use a lot of wipes. And then someone (maybe me) ran a cart full of food over poor Eli’s foot. Causing MAJOR screaming and ending an X-Ray to make sure it wasn’t broken. Sweet trip to Costco.

2. I am glad my husband is a doctor. It sure comes in handy.

3. I’ve been toying with the idea of taking a week or more to unplug. No internet. And then I think okay maybe just emails and that’s all. I think it’d be good for me.

4. Oliver is so lovely.

5. I have some great ideas for taking some pictures of kids. Just for fun.

6. In the middle of FHE tonight one of my kids said “blah blah blah” while I was talking. That made me feel… um… mad.

7. I read a GREAT book in the last two days. Easy fast read with a great love story! Check it out!

8. My living room is now filled with 8 foot bookshelves. They just need to be painted. And they are cool. I’ll be sharing before and after pictures some time soon. (as soon as they get done.) My brother Brad made them. He’s great 🙂

9. I am going to actually decorate my house. And my dad gave me a whole pile of tools. As in a sander, nail gun, all these saws. I am going to use them and make my house MINE. 🙂 And I got at least 25 frames from my mom. Yes my parents have all these things to give away and I love that finally after all these years my parents have something I want and I get it. That sounds selfish and funny but I mean we didn’t grow up with a lot and I’d never ever thought I’d be wanting anything they had. And now I do. And my mom is kind and shares with me. And my dad too. It’s nice.

10. If I took an internet break, just think how many of these projects I could do. Or these. Come to think of it, I think an actual USING pinterest challenge would be great!