1. Oliver throws up a LOT. I changed my clothes multiple times last night. And may have even fallen asleep in some throw up clothes.
day 29-1

2. And the blow outs have started. Needless to say we both needed a bath this morning (although I haven’t gotten to mine yet!)

3. I am itching to get things done in my house. I mean badly. I’m trying really really really hard to not focus on it and just get little things done here and there. Sure did find the chairs I want from the livingroom. Regan doesn’t agree so I haven’t bought them. But MAN do I loooooove them. ūüôā

4. I have this idea of a photograph in my head. But I need a laundry room with windows in it (like great light) and a little girl to model for me who is like 3. Anyone have that for me?

5. I’ve decided I’d love to shoot commercial children’s stuff. Kind of like I did with Lucy but for a clothing company. Wouldn’t THAT be cool?!

6. There are a few events I haven’t blogged about yet. But I am going to. Like when we went to the Pumpkin Patch with Brad and Whitney and their family. Regan was the photographer for part of the day and these two he caught make me smile.
Riding in the corn field
The kiddos

7. When I was out shooting Lucy’s 6th Portraits she took this picture of me. She always asks at the end if she can take some of me so I let her every year. Kind of a fun part of our tradition.
Me by Lucy

8. Oliver’s Day’s 26-29 (30 is still on my camera and not downloaded yet!)
day 26
day 26 - Train ride
day 27
day 27 - night time
day 28
day 28 - Soother
day 29
day 29 - the eyes

9. Someone (I think Kathy) asked what dinner club is. It’s a group of friends, who all love to cook, and we get together each month to eat good food. The hosting rotates and the person who hosts picks a theme and then everyone else brings some thing that goes along with the theme for their course. (you rotate courses each month too.)
We are hosting this month and our theme is this….

10. Good thing THIS kid is cute… cause he keeps us up at night lately almost as much as Oliver.
oct 11 - Picnic