1. The Blog has fallen to the bottom of the chart as far as accomplishing during the day. I think about it sometimes, but frankly holding Oliver and trying to act like I’m not totally exhausted is above it.

2. We have only had cable for a very short time in our marriage. We’ve just always thought of it as a waste. And now that we have a new tv with on channels… it kind of makes me want cable. NEVER thought I’d say that. Reg told me I’d get over it ūüôā Maybe if we at least had a dvd player so we could watch movies. We do have Apple tv and that is totally cool but I tell you Netflix needs to step it up.

3. It’s good to have a doctor around. Like so handy. Just write up a prescription for oh… let’s say if your child has pinworms. (i had ringworms at first – but that was the wrong worm)

4. I did a photo shoot yesterday. You can read about it on my photo blog. One of my favorites from the shoot.
Greg & erinn

5. I think last night was the WORST yet for lack of sleep. So if this list doesn’t make sense… that’s why.

6. Lucy’s party is this Friday. And next Saturday I need to do Alden’s. Lots to plan and do.

7. Eli is up a LOT lately. Like I want to strangle him a lot. Apparently insomnia is a symptom of pinworms. Huh. Who knew.

8. I want a personalized fitness plan to get in to shape.

9. This is a brilliant idea that I want to do for my kids.

10. I want to buy this and hang it in my kitchen. I loves it!