1. We were sick with the flu last week. It was a real party around here.

2. I’ve been adding stuff to my other blog lately. Here and there. Seems like I get to one or the other. That is why I am making them into one blog. Just makes a whole lot more sense.

3. I took some pictures of my kids tonight. And I was pleasantly surprised how well it went. Regan was a big help. I wanted a picture for our Christmas card. And I got one. (well I got more than one – but specifically that too.) Like this one…
Oliver at 1 year (plus one month)

4. I don’t know if I am ready for winter yet.

5. The last two pregnancies once I got the flu my body had trouble stopping throwing up again. It’s like it remembered oh yeah we do this… and then I just couldn’t stop again. I feel queazy again and that is lame-o.

6. Since I am making my blogs into one, I wanted to ask you a few questions and you can answer then in the comments or send me an email at steedr at gmail dot com.
• What are your favorite topics on my blog? Food? Photograph stuff? General Life? Crafts?
• What do you wish I posted more of?
• How often do you check on here? Do you like when I post every day? Or a couple times a week?
• What encourages your comments?

7. Doesn’t that last one count for like 7-9?

8. I made a good supper tonight that I made up. I’m gonna make it again with a few tweaks and then I’ll share it with you. Easy and fast and yummy. Winning combo!

9. I love it when Regan has days off in the week.

10. I hate it when you drive into Lethbridge to take your passports in to drop off and you forget your pictures….