10 on Tuesday

1. We can’t find the parts for Eli’s bed. So he’s still sleeping on the mattress on the floor. And it’s an Ikea bed which makes getting the parts hard since we don’t live that CLOSE to an Ikea. We might have to try and rig something up to make it work!

2. Regan loooves this song and so we have hearing it a lot lately at our house. Lucy looves it and asks for it over and over. It’s a little quirky and it totally gets stuck in my head.

3. We have no hot water. And have had none since Saturday night. Some part needs to be replaced on our fancy environmental constant hot water heater. Totally awesome 🙂

4. Over at Kristen Duke Photography she is having a great series this month about decorating with pictures. Go check it out. And leave her some comment love!!

5. I really want to go see this movie.

6. I am done being pregnant. I am feeling frustrated that I can’t move well, I walk like an OLD lady and it hurts every step, I pee a million times a day and at night, I am not sleeping well at all, I feel huge, I can’t lift anything to put anything away at my house, I am exhausted constantly. I just want to get this kid out. I was saying something to Regan about all this (well complaining) and he said “do you remember one of the first things you said after you had Eli? I feel so much BETTER!” Yep. I do and I have a feeling that will be the case again 🙂 Now if it’d just hurry it up!

7. Five different people have brought over treats or food to us since we got here. My MIL, Lindsay, Tisha, Christal and Whitney. Now ain’t that nice! That’s a welcome to town 🙂

8. I have an itching to craft. But you should SEE the craft room. Boxes, boxes and more boxes. It might be a while!

9. I need to break in my kitchen and bake something. Cookies tomorrow. Maybe donuts soon.

10. I am sooooooooo grateful that we moved onto a street where there are ton o’ kidlets. My kids run up and down the street and play play play. It is lovely!


12 thoughts on “10 on Tuesday

  1. ok, i’m kinda really liking that song, haha! you know regan and mark would be in that video in another life. so happy to have you guys here. people that have never lived in small towns just don’t get it. they don’t get how AWESOME it is…most of the time!

  2. yipee! Can’t wait to come see your place in Raymond, next time we are down. I laughed last time we left Raymond Sadie was totally bummed as we drove down the bumpy road she said, “i wish we lived in Raymond” it is so fun and we love to come visit. Can’t wait for baby news.

  3. Have you read The Help? We should all go to the movie together as a girl’s night.

    I’m glad the kidsa are liking their new place so well. And now that you are moved, here’s hoping that you have that little baby ASAP!

  4. Being 8 months pregnant and moving takes the cake for worst scenario ever. I won’t complain about my life for at least a week….or two.

    And The Help was awesome. Take a kleenex.

  5. The Help movie was wonderful. Not as good as the book (are movies ever as good as the book?), but still wonderful. Hang in there Rhonda. One day at a time. Hugs, Connie

  6. Really!!! Is all I have to say… You do to much. Slow down. Go to the movies and eat your donuts, before you have to rent it! Hope you are feeling like your at home! Can’t wait to see the pictures.

  7. And we love having you on our street loved the doughnuts too you are awesome!! and those kids of yours are wonderful to have around polite cute and fun!! Glad the water issue got fixed too and I love that the kids play all day long too cause soon they’ll all be complaining cause its snowing again {or maybe thats me ha ha} Love your 10 on tues! If you need anything I’m right here good luck with baby soon too:)

  8. I hope for your sake you have the baby soon. Yeah for moving to Raymond. Are you renting Kristy Mcdougall (is that her name?) house or did you buy? I’m just guessing since Christal said you live on their street. I too have yet to see the movie Help. Read the book. Hope the movie is good. Hang in there….can’t wait to snuggle a newborn again, thats what I’m looking forward to the most!

  9. Robots song. Now stuck in my head. Thanks.
    Can’t wait to hear about the next Steed Baby arrival.
    Glad the Regan is home more. It sucks being a single mom even if it’s temporary. Kudos to all single moms.

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