1. It was Regan’s birthday yesterday. He was on call. Soooo we’ll just pretend it’s today and I’ll bake him a cake and some food he loves. ūüôā Happy Birthday to him!!

2. I haven’t been posting as much lately. And YOU haven’t been commenting as much lately.

3. Our house has sold. Let’s all pray the financing and all that jazz goes through. Cause things are getting cut close here.

3. Speaking of yesterday, we spent the entire day in our pjs. (well not Reg, that’d be WERID in the ER!)

4. Our AC in our van died. Again. And the fan belt is making sweet loud noises. AND the electrical has some serious problems (which means we can’t tell how much gas we have.) (which means we’ve run out on the side the the road.) (which means someone had to come and rescue us.) (which was TOTALLY awesome.)

5. More pictures to see on my photo blog. Go on now, go see and comment.

6. This baby moves A LOT. Like nothing I have experienced before in my previous 3 pregnancies. AT ALL. More movement than non movement.

7. Regan is a working doctor. It’ll take me a while to get used to saying that.

8. My belly sticks out a LOT this pregnancy. Like a lot a lot. Haven’t really gained a lot other places. Pictures to come soon!

9. I feel like everyone is off doing fun things are we are here at home doing a whole lot of nothing (except waiting and growing a belly.)

10. I’m going to need to start packing soon.