1. Our house is sold. Still conditions and all that but there is an offer and it’s been accepted. Which is AWESOME 🙂 we need to find a house to buy now too 🙂

2. I have a lot to edit. I’ve been shooting quite a bit lately. A couple favorites from recent shoots.
Baby Darius
Jericho & his momma

3. Yesterday was bake day. Today is clean up from bake day. hahahaha

4. We have Regan’s grad this weekend. In Medicine Hat. Thankful G&G Steed are watching the kids so I can go and attend his grad without dragging my kids to something they wouldn’t enjoy.

5. Eli lately has been getting up only once a night. Which is a HUGE improvement. Still I wish he would sleep all night, but I am just trying to be thankful it’s not 4 or 5 times anymore!

6. Each day I’ve been thinking about how close we are getting to being done residency. Regan and I were talking about it on the phone this morning. I can’t wait for all kinds of reasons. One of them being home call. Meaning when no one is at the hospital he can be at our house. (well once we move out to Raymond.) And that he will work less time and make way more money. Sounds like a win win. He slept at our house last night and it has been the only night this week and will be until Friday night. Pincher Creek rotation is seriously crappy for the travel factor.

7. I am ready for summer to be here and school to be done.

8. Someone stole Alden’s scooter. He is so sad about it. I think we are going to buy him one again right after school.

9. Our tax return should be here soon. And we got LOTS back. It’s AWESOME 🙂

10. Friday and Saturday we were busy and out of our house a lot for showings so I never got a chance to share my Foto Friday, so here is the collage.
week 20: diptych