Since yesterday was Alden’s 10th birthday, I thought I’d do 10 things about him. Along with 10 of my favorite pictures of him.
Meeting Lucy for the 1st Time
1. He is the goofiest funniest child. Love his quirkiness.
Dad & Alden
Mr Bunny & Alden
2. He is so stinking handsome.
At the Lake
Mom & Alden
3. He is soooo into Lego. I mean looooves Lego. Hence the lego party we are having tomorrow for him!
Those Goofy Glasses
Classic NS
4. He has such a soft tender heart. Always has and I hope always does.
5. He was a giant when he was born. 10 pounds 12 ounces. And 22 1/2 inches long. Funny that he is soooo skinny now. But he is really getting tall. His pants are size 12 to get them long enough but we have to tighten them as much as they’ll go on the waist to get them to stay up.
Alden @ 5
With G&G
Alden & the Tramp
6. As I was looking back through all these pictures tonight (I totally got all caught up in it and did it for like 2 hours) I was remembering how much fun we had. He was such an easy baby and an easy kid to mother. I was totally 100% spoiled with him.
11:34am: Alden & Me
7. By far of my favorite things about him is how comfortable he is with WHO he is. He doesn’t mind if he likes different things that others. He is totally okay with it. And I hope that never changes.
8:33pm March 15, 2012
15 January 2012: 11:22 am
8. I have been trying and trying and trying to find a series of books that will make him fall in love with reading. But as hard as I try, it seems things like Big Nate (illustrated novels) are all the kind he’ll do.
june 15: the Boat
Oct 15: A REAL smile
8 is Great
9. He has a great general knowledge about a lot of stuff cause he is always asking Regan random questions. Like tonight there was a big discussion about the way Lego mini figures have changed over the years. So they looked it up and talked about lego through the ages. But so often it is on topics like how your small intestines work or who the past prime ministers were. And all kinds of topics.
10. I am amazed that I have a 10 year old. I can still remember so much of when he was born and when he was little. I found a little notebook the other day of funny things he said when he was 3. I am so glad I wrote that stuff down cause those are the little things I’ve forgotten. But man was I killing myself when I found that notebook 🙂 And so were Alden and Lucy when I was reading it to them 🙂
Okay scratch that. It’s more than 10 pictures.
And I just have to say I love this kid!