1. I am happily working with a great organization Tiny Light where I get to take pictures for sick kids!! They have a great new announcement over here.

2. It wads Lucy’s last day of Ballet yesterday and…. well….. I totally forgot! Terrible i know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Finished another book called The Little Giant of Aberdeen County. I’m going to start a different one today. I’ve been crazy about reading lately!!

4. I went to Time out for Women with some great friends. It was so so so good. I liked the speakers and all of that too, but enjoyed the time with my friends just as much. (if not more 🙂 )
Here’s a shot of all of us Nichole took of us.

5. I was on a cleaning streak yesterday. And I plan on doing more today. For REAL I am going to get this house on the market soon!

6. My mom took Eli and Lucy for the weekend (Regan was on call) and Alden was at friends house. I am glad it worked out. But man I hate asking people to help me with my kids. Seems like lately I need a lot of help in that area and it drives me CRAZY.

7. School is winding down soon… crazy!!

8. Man my heart burn has been waaaaaay worse this time!

9. Ever seen this beautiful blog? I looove her work!!

10. I really need to get going on the day 🙂