1. SNOW…. SERIOUSLY???!!!!!

2. My lovely friend Marie brought me dinner last night. Yup she is spoiling me. (And Tisha brought me some last week) Seriously people are TOO Kind to me!

3. Regan is gone and we might get to see him for an hour or two on Wednesday night just so he can get clean clothes and drive up to Calgary and then hopefully for an hour or two on Sunday night so he can get clean clothes again. hmmmm He’ll be gone a LOT in the next month. (Luckily in the middle we get to go to MEXICO!!!!!!!)

4. I did some sewing last week. And it was lovely. And it made me want to do MORE. ūüôā I’ll show it to you soon! (i’m too lazy to get the picture right now!)

5. I looooove books and I am needing some new ones to read lately. Just put a bunch on hold at the library!

6. Last weekend we were invited over to TWO different places for dinner. One Saturday night and one Sunday. Even our whole family. That doesn’t happen often but it was great!

7. Apparently I can not just drink milk in this pregnancy. It makes my tummy soooo upset. Which I HATE cause I LOVE milk.

8. Did I mention I was going to MEXICO soon??!! AWESOME!

9. Eli is obsessed with technology. It’s terrible. He cries for the ipad (we don’t even have one!) and digs in people’s pockets for their iphone.s It’s terrible.

10. Lucy is currently in a stage where she says terribly embarrassing things in public. I’m not a fan!