10 on Tuesday

1. Lately Lucy has been making me snacks. I’ll be napping on the couch (and she’s entertaining Eli for me) and I wake up and see a plate on the table with a little note. To mom. My mom’s pregnant. Something of the sort. And various snacks on the table and she is SO proud of herself. It is totally cute. And sometimes I have to choke down some things that totally sound unappealing to me. But I haven’t thrown up a snack yet 🙂
mar 5: snack time
2. I just finished up an online photo class called Advanced pro with my good friend and amazing photog Brooke Snow (hey that rhymes). And it was totally awesome. Go check her out and sign up. She has a manual you get to download, video tutorials, video feedback of your assignments, and a live video Q&A each week where you can ask ANYTHING about anything. My last assignment is with Joelle and Brandon. It was super fun to think outside the box! My favorite image from that shoot…
Finding the ONE

3. I have a lot of talented friends. A few of them
….. Kathleen does organizing
….. Abby does interior decorating
…. Marie does MOTHERHOOD in a way few else do
….. Brooke does online classes
…. Jen is crafting all sorts of things
…. Christina (and her sister) are cooking great food
And there are LOTS of others that I know all over who are so talented! I’m lucky to have such talented friends!

4. We are on the count down for residency. Seriously I am starting to get a little ansy for the end. In one week he starts his LAST rotation of residency. Then he REALLY will be Dr. steed!

5. I won’t talk about how much I hate the weather. I won’t talk about how much I hate the weather. I won’t talk about how much I hate the weather. I won’t talk about how much I hate the weather. I won’t talk about how much I hate the weather. I won’t talk about how much I hate the weather. I won’t talk about how much I hate the weather. I won’t talk about how much I hate the weather. I won’t talk about how much I hate the weather. I won’t talk about how much I hate the weather.

6. In 22 days I need to have my house ready to go on the market.
In 24 days I am leaving on a trip to Mexico.
I neeeeeeeed to get my butt in gear and actually DO SOMETHING to get ready.

7. I can not get enough good food lately. I want to do some baking to have some healthy yummy snacks around and maybe some not so healthy snacks around. 🙂

8. Last night was one of the worst sleeps I’ve had in a while. I don’t know what Eli’s deal was but WOW sleep was NOT on the menu!

9. Found this and looooved it!!! “None of us is perfect. I know of no one who would profess to be so. And yet for some reason, despite our own imperfections, we have a tendency to point out those of others. We make judgments concerning their actions or inactions. There is really no way we can know the heart, the intentions, or the circumstances of someone who might say or do something we find reason to criticize. Thus the commandment: ‘Judge not.'” – Thomas S. Monson”

10. phew that was hard work to come up with 10!


14 thoughts on “10 on Tuesday

  1. wouldn’t that be awesome if it sold while you were gone, hope so. thats my fave pic too, very cool. you are pretty talented yourself. nice quote no judging here. good luck giving up the naps and getting something done with the house. My advice 15 mins a day although in your case (to get your for the move) you might have to up it.

  2. 1. I won’t talk about how much I hate the weather.
    2. I want to go to Mexico.
    3. I might move to Kelowna because I hate the weather here so much.
    4. #3 wasn’t a lie.
    5. I might talk about how much I hate the weather.
    6. I REALLY REALLY want to go to Mexico.
    7. Good luck getting ready to sell your house. I have mine for sale and I won’t talk about how much I hate selling my house.
    8. Lucy is adorable but I think I’ve told you that before.
    9. And she’s really smart too.
    10. I’ll stop talking about how much I hate the weather and how much I really really want to go to Mexico.

  3. How cute is Lucy?! What a thoughtful little girl. I LOVE that quote you put up…i might have to steal that.

  4. Oh seeing the photos of little Jo and B made me wish I could just come hang out with you two so darn bad. I may go to Time Out for Women in Calgary…maybe you should do this as well. Just sayin’.

  5. 1. Lucy making you snacks is too sweet!
    2. Love the blurry motion around the people in the photo
    3. Do not judge. Yes. Big one.
    4. Thanks for the awesome compliment!

  6. Loved all 10. Really cool photo! How fun to be going to mexico and I too hope your house sells fast, ours did and it was SO nice so I am hoping the same for you. Lucy is such a cutie leaving snacks for you. Oh yeah, I am due Sept 19th. We are super excited. Thats fun that we are due around the same time. Good for you for napping, I have been too, but lately I have stopped even though I am still so tired because I was falling so behind on everything it seemed, now I am just really tired and semi caught up on life so maybe its just better to take a nap and be behind is what I am thinking lately.

  7. I love the photo and the list. And I am completely jealous of the Mexico trip – I have always wanted to go there! I hope you have a great time!

  8. You are so nice to post about your experience! Thank you so much and thanks for the link! I loved your work SO MUCH! Now… to work on getting you to live closer to me 🙂

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