1. I am in LOVE with this bedroom. I love the vintage/ eclectic / handmade style that IS Ashley. And think it fits in closely to what my own true style would be my own. But… I can just hear my husbands disbelief if I said I was going to hang up chicken wire in our house. hahahahahahah

2. A couple of days ago Lucy brought this upstairs to me. Her own recipe she made up. 🙂 i LOVE that she did this!!!!
feb 26 - Her recipe

3. Seriously I don’t know how much more winter I can take!!!! I NEED SPRING!!!!!!!!

4. For our dinner club this month, we hosted and our theme (which Regan picked) was the letter R. So I made homemade Ravioli. It was three cheese mushroom filling with a spinach garlic sauce. Super tasty!
feb 26-2 - Homemade Ravioli

5. I finally learned how to curl with my flat iron and Lucy LOVED that her hair was curly. We will be doing this again for SURE!
feb 27- Curly hair

6. I loved having Regan home this past week. We really hung out. And a couple days we looked at houses out in Raymond. It was good.

7. Speaking of houses, I need to sell mine – anyone want to buy it? HA!

8. And speaking of selling our house, I have so much work to do and no energy to do it. I need to deep clean, de junk, pack stuff up and currently I am having trouble keeping up the laundry! Can someone send some energy my way??!

9. We finally told our kids last week and we knew once we did the word would get out. sooooo, we are expecting baby #4. In September. Yes I am totally sick again. Yes I feel horrid, but we are excited to have another kid join our family. Lucy keeps saying that their is no way God would send her another brother. For her sake I hope we do get another little girl. 2 of each would be a perfect way to end our family!

10. I’ve kind of given up on the 6am posts….. does it matter?