1. Yesterday Eli got up too early and was just crabby the whole morning. So at 915 am I had had enough and put him in his bed again. He cried for 20 minutes and then went to sleep for an hour. And I thought hmmmm maybe he needs morning naps. And then this morning rolled around and he woke up at 5:40am….. so I guess he doesn’t need morning naps!

2. I was a total slacker this year for V-Day. But I did pull out this for dinner.

3. Sunday morning she came upstairs and said “mom, can you take my picture?” Of course!

4. This kid LOVES his baby. Like sleeps with it, carries it around. Sings songs to it, takes care of it. It’s soooo sweet!
Eli and his baby

5. This child is a HORRIBLE eater!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He eats like 6 things. And now add one more – chicken noodle soup!
Trying a new food!!!

6. Last minute (as in the night before at 730pm) prep. I should really get with it! HA!

7.Regan caught this of me and Eli and I totally love it. Just us together.

8. I love to hear Regan singing and playing the piano. My favorite one he plays and sings right now is Brick by Ben Folds.

9. My SIL Whitney had a baby this morning. And I can’t wait to go snuggle her new little man!

10. I’m still in my pjs at 10:38 am…..