1. This past weekend Regan and I had a little mini get away in Calgary. We were not there long, went up Friday evening and came home Saturday. Thanks to our friends the McClung’s who watched two of our kids and the Smiths who watched the other!

2. We went out friday night with our good friends the Chutes to this amazing Italian place. Our bill was surprisingly expensive (which often seems to happen when we get together) but that might of had to do with the fact that we had two appys, main courses and dessert. Both Regan and I had stomach aches when we left! It was SO GOOD. GO there if you get the chance. The old Italian chef even came out and talked with us during our meal. It is a family run restaurant and so amazing!

3. On Saturday I laid in bed and got up and ate and then went back to bed while Regan was off doing the RAS interviews (which is why we were there.) It was AWESOME. So sad how much sleep is something I look so forward too! Anyways, for lunch I got to meet up with HeatherM and Mary at the coup which was completely different but so good too! It was so fun and so good to see them both!
jan22- Friends

4. I got new dishes like a week ago at the thrift store. They are white and have scalloped edges. And every time I open my cupboards and see them they make me excited. Sad but true.

5.Eli is getting ridiculously funny. Listening to him talk (which he is constantly doing lately). I took this little video of him the other day while the two of us were just having a little morning snack. It’s so HIM right now.

6. This is my new favorite song. If I had music on my photo blog I’d put it up there. But I don’t. It just makes me happy.

7. Today I am shooting head shots at a dentist office for their website. I’m a little nervous. It’s a bit out of my regular shooting. Hopefully it all goes good.

8. I am tired of winter. Yep. officially done already and it’s not even V-Day yet.

9. I am taking a picture of all of us every month. At the end of the year I’ll have 12 family pictures. This one: Everybody in their pus. ISO hiked really high. Holes in dads socks. Alden posing his current favorite book. Lucy with today’s craft. Eli trying to escape. Perfectly us.
jan23: Sunday together

10. I have been scrapbooking a lot more in the past while. Winter is a slow season for photography which equals time for scrapbooking. Tomorrow I’ll share some pages I’ve made lately!