1. Well I am over here now…. and I still have lots of little piddly things to fix up. Most importantly all the categories. The move over made it so I have 40 million categories and I have to go back through all the old posts and make them into the right categories…. we’ll see if I do that or just delete them since the old ones will still be on my old blog. We’ll see how much time it takes me! šŸ™‚

2. Ā This little boy loooooves to play on our bed. He thinks it is soooo funny.

3. Lucy had an orientation night at Girl Guides. She sure loves going!

4. I am almost 35.Crazy hey?

5.Ā Alden is constantly building things with Lego and asking me to take pictures of it. I could almost do a blurb book on his creations. hmmm that’s kind of a good idea!

6. I got a little people airport set off a used FB group for Oliver (since he seems to be into little people lately) and it seems my other kids are just as excited about it.

7. Ā I’ve had lots of people asking me for a pizza dough recipe lately. So I’ll share one tomorrow.

8. What do you think of the move over?

9. The only bummer? The comments didn’t transfer at all. But I’ll survive.

10. I’ve got another family session to share. Maybe later today?