1. Now that I fixed some things that were causing me grief on here, I am back at posting. And perhaps now that I am done being pregnant 🙂

2. Is this not awesome??? It’s a lego Norah Alden made 🙂

3. Oliver is really struggling with Norah being around. Poor guy.

4. I want to figure out how to make it so you can follow my RSS Feed – which means you’d know when I post on this blog. I’ll look into it ASAP.

5. Really enjoying this little lady. It’s funny when I had Eli we were expecting a girl – not for any real reason we just were. And for months I was like huh a boy. And now we knew ahead of time that we were having a girl and still I am like huh a girl. Funny.

6. Grandma fell and broke her pelvis almost 3 weeks ago now. We are so glad she is getting better!

7. My friend Nichole came over and took some pictures of Norah and all of us. Lucy was TERRIBLE for it and Eli was mostly asleep. But we were all in some and I’ll take what I can get. This one is one of my favorites of the day. I spent yesterday taking more of her too….


8. I feel so much better.

9. Norah slept for 6 straight hours on Monday morning. I finally woke her up cause I NEEDED to feed her. Wouldn’t it be grand if she was a great long sleeper?! I’d sooo appreciate it!

10. Did you all follow me over here from my old blog?