1. This girl is sweet…. but we are struggling at night lately! Oh vey!

2. I’ve taken recently to calling Oliver Ollie. Eli really was the only one who called him that and lately it’s kinda catching around here like wildfire.

3. Speaking of Oliver, he has become a climber. Heaven help me.

4. And speaking of Eli, he is so hard lately. He is pushing boundaries like nobody’ business. We both are having a really hard time with him lately!

5. A little snapshot that shows our reality right now…

6. I love banana bread.

7. I am grateful for nights that Regan is home.

8. I am soo glad it is supposed to be warm out this week.

9. So it’s V-Day soon…. really haven’t thought about it much at all. Busy doing that last picture….

10. We did go on a small walk one day to get out of the house. Oliver was VERY happy to get out and not so happy to come back in.