1. I am back to my pre Norah pregnancy weight. Which is a little exciting….. But I’m NOT at my pre Oliver weight. Which is less exciting.

2. Alden was in the Grade 4 play.  I couldn’t tell if he was nervous or just  didn’t want to be there. He seemed…. aloof. But the next day he asked if he could try out for the town play they are doing??? So I guess he had fun?!

3.  Regan is working a lot in the next month. And I’m already planning on being nutty. (I’m mostly there already anyway)

4. My grandma celebrated her 90th birthday and we had a little party for her. I’ll show a whole bunch of shots from it on Thursday.

5. Oliver is sick AGAIN. Seriously. This is the second time for him and Eli since Norah has been born. It’s kind of getting ridiculous!

6. I really haven’t ventured out of the house with all my kids alone yet. And that makes me feel a tad bit trapped. I am not normally stuck in my house so much. Between sick kids and having to have Oliver AND Norah and Eli with me… I am nervous about it!

7. I love that Regan takes pictures with his iphone. Like all these gems.

8. Can it be spring yet?

9. The kids have this week off school. I should have thought ahead of time and gotten Reg to get some time off…. but that didn’t work out.

10. How many of you are still reading this thing? Give me a hello.