1. I want to go on a trip. Badly. But I need to actually MAIL these things!

2. I’m looking forward to spring. Big time.

3.  It always cracks me up to see my kids doing this…. Going down as fast as they can. Makes me think it must hurt. But Alden says only if you do it wrong 🙂

4. Oliver is starting to go a bit stir crazy from being inside our house so much lately.

5. Our front closet is a pain in my side. No one ever puts their stuff away IN it. It always is on the floor. And looks terrible.

6. I’m feeling a little ho-hum about my every day pictures lately. Not feeling satisfied with them.

7. Oliver is liking helping in the kitchen more. Which is good AND bad.

8. Including last week and this week Regan will have worked 6 out of the 14 days on call. Plus working full days on almost every other day.

9. Eli has a cold again. Maybe if he tried actually washing his hands like we always tell him too instead of lying about it he might not catch every bug that comes by him….

10. Can you believe it is almost MARCH?!