1. I wasn’t feeling the blogging last week. So I didn’t.

2. My cell phone wasn’t working any more so I went in for an upgrade and they had a deal on and I got a fancy new iPhone. I know it’s completely ridiculous and I don’t need it but I have enjoyed it.

3. Especially the camera in it. And instagram.

















4. We tried out Stay and play last Friday morning. I need Oliver to warm up to our nursery leader and she works at Stay and Play. So we are going to try it until he warms up to her I think. He did have fun. And Eli looooved it.

5. This little boy lights up the place with his smile.


6. Is it spring yet or what?

7. I’ve been trying to get back to exercising. Some days it seems not that hard to find the time but a lot of days I am walking on the treadmill holding Norah or not able to get on it at all. It works for now to hold her but that won’t work so well when I get up to running. Good thing I am so out of shape that walking is a work out. HA!

8. I love visiting with my parents. I wish they lived in my town.

9. Did I mention I want to go somewhere? But it’s not really a reality right now. I think the thing I’d want about going somewhere the most is just sleeping and having a break from tending kids…. although Norah goes anywhere with me. But just tending to her would still feel relaxing if it was just her.

10. That makes me think back to when I had only Alden and how easy it was. I knew it and I enjoyed it.