1. I’m wondering how many people still read this. I get like no comments at all lately. Well 1 or 2.  Truth be told I feel less motivated to post if nobody is reading!

2. We had Norah’s baby blessing and it was a nice day. Glad family could be here.

3. It’s finally nice outside. YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. I ripped my toenail off. It hurt a lot!!!!

5. We went out to HillSpring on the weekend and played with cousins. My kids love that we can hang out at “grandma’s school”.

6. I took Eli for a hearing test. He wouldn’t do it. At all. It was frustrating.

7. I wish Norah slept longer at night.

8. I love Oliver’s lips.

9. I think 5 kids is overwhelming.

10. My laundry is like….. out of control. I just can’t keep up.