1. I am grateful for supportive friends and family.

2. Isn’t the nice weather kind of awesome?! I think *fingers crossed* spring is finally here.

3. If you don’t follow me on Instagram you haven’t seen all these pics… if you do… well here they are again 🙂 HA! Here is Alden’s drawing of our family… awesome hey 🙂

4. We went to Waterton a week or more ago… and I need to post a bunch of pictures I took there. I’ll try to get to that 🙂

5. I took pictures at a wedding. It was one that was booked a while ago (as in before Norah was coming) and it was only 1 hour. So it was just fine. Norah may have cried a lot for my mom…. but we all survived. 🙂

6. I sure wish Norah would learn to sleep in longer spurts. I was holding out for 3 months… and that came already and she’s still not sleeping in spurts. We are still doing the 3 hours thing…. and that is getting… um… old. Good thing she is a doll 🙂

7. I got bangs. And highlights. Seriously been YEARS for either of them!

8.  Lucy made her first pies all the way from scratch. As I was teaching her how to make it I was telling her the why’s. Like why you don’t over work the pastry or it won’t be light and flakey and that’s what you want.. so as she was biting into a piece of pie she says “Man, this pie crust is just so light and flakey.” hahaha. She made this chocolate one for her primary teacher and was SO happy to deliver it to her!

9. I’ve wanted to take a picture of Norah with her great grandma and their hands together for a while. I finally did it… I didn’t have my big camera but my iPhone did okay!

10. I made donuts and long johns last week… and my kids were excited about it. HA!