1. I’ve missed a few tuesdays. But blogland seems a bit of a ghost town as of late. Read this post and tell me what you think...

2. I’ve been taking pictures with my phone lots and trying to pick up my big camera lately. It’s easier to shoot with one hand with my phone since I usually have a small child in one hand. See at LEAST one a day… but mostly more each day. This is a great app BTW!

3. I love this blog and the photographs shared there! I’d love to collaborate in something like that!

4. I feel like Lucy and Oliver especially have very expressive faces.

5. I used to have people over in our house a LOT for supper. Like once or twice a month at least. And then we moved out to Raymond and I was pregnant and I felt a little strange about doing it here (it seems in small towns people seem weirded out by the whole idea….) and then I had another baby. And then I realized… I LOVE having people over for dinner. So I’ve started again. I love feeding people and it’s a great way to get to know people. So… it’s back ON!

6. I was thinking back the other day about all the wonderful women I’ve gotten to know over my life. Especially as an adult. Women who really have made a difference in my life. It’d perhaps be a nice blog post to document some of them.

7. I’m having a lot of back pain again lately. Lame-o.

8. I love having Reg capture pictures of our family too!



9. School’s almost out hey?

10. Lately Lucy has started becoming even more of a mother hen to Oliver. And I LOVE it. Love love love love love it. She takes him out on the tramp, reads books to him, plays toys. It is sooooo awesome. Especially when she chooses to do it cause its fun!