1. I decorated for Halloween.

2. MY friend Rebecca linked to this great list called 31 Days of Unplugged Play and I love it!

3. I (Lucy) is now selling Girl Guide cookies…. the mint ones. $5 a box. So if you want some, I’d love to sell them to you.

4. I’ve been feeling the urge to make crafty things lately. Finally. Sleep was easily over ridding any crafting ideas!

5. Lucy’s room is totally started and hopefully will be all put together this week!

6. Alden and Eli’s room is well on it’s way too! Just have to get some big pictures to hang above their beds and a few other small odds and ends.

7. I took all the garage sale left overs to Catholic Charities. Everything except two book shelves. Which will leave soon too. LOVE getting rid of things we don’t need. It’s awesome.

8. Our basement is all done except the tiling of the fireplace. Which hopefully will happen soon.

9. I have lots of fun ideas for my blogs. I want to combine them into one blog. It’s just plain smarter. Need help to make that happen though. I can fiddle around with blogs but I can’t do all the things I want too. Just don’t know how!

10. I kind of want a few days of pouring rain.