1. It has been a while since I did one of these! I’m back… at least for this week. HA!

2. On the weekend 4 of my kiddos slept at my mom’s house for a cousin sleep over. So we had just Norah. And it was our anniversary. So it was like a present! Saturday morning was the most sleep I’ve gotten in…. I can’t remember how long. I went to bed at 11 and then got up at 230 and then 7 with Norah and went back to bed until 9. It was AWESOME. Regan got up with Norah at 7 so I could sleep more. Now that is an anniversary present. One of the things I think sometimes when people ask me how life changes after kids is how valuable sleep becomes. It’s a treasure. One I’m constantly seeking!

3. Saturday morning we also went to Fort Macleod so Regan could run in a Triathlon on a team. It was SO hot by the time he was running!! Here are a few shots of Regan and his team mate JD.


4. I wish my house had more windows and bigger windows. But lovely light always comes in the kitchen around this time of year and I love how it lights up anyone sitting on the barstools.

5. A few weeks ago my friend Jenn and I took all our kids out to a field so I could snap a few pictures of them all. Her family. And my kids. I love love love yellow fields every single year.

6. School is almost here… Maybe I should buy some supplies or something.

7. The kids are in swim lessons now. And they are going waaaay better than usual.


8. Today my kids are all playing at someone’s house. So I have the whole day to myself. As in just me and Norah. Kinda fabulous.


9.  Lucy does a great job of playing with Oliver when she wants too.

10. Lots of trampoline fun is had around here in the summer.