10 Things to Remember from this past week:

1. Lucy hanging out in her room, on her bed coloring. She had a bad cough so she had to stay home from school but she wasn’t feeling too bad otherwise. She was a great help to me that day with the littles.

2. Oliver loving the banana chocolate chip muffins I made. He ate 3 of them in one sitting. He kept saying “more please mom!”

3. Playing Ingenious with Alden after the other kids were all in bed and dad wasn’t home. Time for just the two of us.

4. Oliver playing peek-a-boo in the front closet, thinking he is sooooo funny and laughing at himself.

5. Eli wearing my socks to school. He just tucked his pants into the socks so they would be “more comfortable”. 

6. How happy Alden is when he comes home from scouts. He loves it. He loves his leaders. I think he loves being out in the evening too!

7. I left to go put Norah into the tub and came back to the table and found Lucy reading to Oliver and Eli while they finished off their supper. (Yep Burger Baron for supper! Another night of Dad being gone meant something easy they’d like!) 

8. Lucy working on her Christmas present: a sewing kit.

9.  Afternoon naps are getting a lot better. She had her first 2.5 hour one and it was great!!

10. Dad getting home after 4 days and passing out little gifts to all the kids. They were very excited