10 Moments from the past week:

1. Playing in the living room before church on Sunday with this sweet boy.

2. Dad reading stories to Oliver before bed.

3. Alden coming home from school and telling me he needed to make some stuff for his Nunavut Diorama. So he made some dogs with pipe cleaners, pompoms and goggly eyes. And he made a polar bear out of hard marshmallows. ūüôā Love to see his creativity.

4. Getting Eli and Oliver to eat their lunch when they wouldn’t just by putting toothpicks into it.

5. Playing letters with Oliver and how excited he was to find an O.

6. His determination to finish the Harry Potter series. 

7.  Spending my saved money on an upgrade full frame camera.

8. Remembering that the stage of fits will end. And remembering that they aren’t quite as bad Lucy’s used to be. So we can do this.

9. How she is ALWAYS willing to let me take her picture. Even when it’s just that I got a new camera and the light is great.

10. Someone falling asleep in the middle of a 15 minute screaming fit right in the kitchen.