10 Things to remember from the past week.


1. Regan going to Waterton snowshoeing by himself on his day off last week. I was nervous for him to go all by himself. Lots of snow this year and I just wanted him to be safe. He stay very safe and enjoyed the peace of being outside all alone. He came back rejuvenated and with some cool pictures too.

2. Realizing bedhead is a real thing for this little lady now. Her hair is sooooo soft and fine and now when she wakes up it is everywhere! That means it’s getting long too!

3. Quiet time around the house together.

4. I got Lucy a couple new tops and a scarf that I think are so cute (I’d wear them!). So I helped her put together an outfit (she often won’t let me help her with that anymore) and I thought she looked great. She really wasn’t into getting her picture before she left to school though….

5. Norah learned stairs. Hooray! No more baby gates!!!! (She looks tiny on those long stairs!)

6. His happy moods. And how much he loves superman and batman little people. A LOT!

7.  Her being so close to walking but still not doing it. She’s our latest to walk for sure.

8. A cute boy, a ball and a bunny.

9. Lucy and Aimee doing art in the kitchen. I love how excited kids get about canvas. You can buy them so cheap at the dollar store and with coupons at Michael’s and MAN do kids feel special using them. Love that.

10. Seeing the kids cousin Roman get baptized. Proud of him and happy for their family.

Did you record any memorable things that happened this week?