1. Watching this girl fly through almost the entire Harry Potter series in one week. She’s got two books left (but she left the one she’s in the middle of at the church after girl guides… so now she’s gotta wait while we get it somehow.)

2. Bath time is always some sort of disaster with these two. The step stool in the water. Entire bottles of shampoo dumped out. Making waves with the water.

3. I really am enjoying her little-ness. All my other babies were so much bigger but she is still a tiny little cute thing. And it is so much easier to carry her around. (Especially since Oliver insists on being held too half the time.)

4. Going to support my wonderful friend Kristin and her son Brody at their yearly Juvenile Diabetes fundraiser. This year they had a dance.

5. Seeing her learn to walk. It is the CUTEST thing ever. My kids laughed and laughed when I showed them this series of pictures.

6. Seeing the kids enjoy the snow even though every adult is losing it.

7. Oliver lasting outside for more than 5 minutes. That’s a really good time outside!

8. Seeing them enjoy the tramp and have fun together. They are often at odds with each other but on Sunday afternoon they played with just each other and had fun.

9. That time when all of my kids actually slept through the night. Amazing. Seriously amazing.

10. Loving that now Lucy gets dressed easily every morning now that she has her cue cards we made. I love them even more now!!!