1. Mother’s Day came and went. Regan took all the kids into Lethbridge the night before to buy me a present and I was left at home by myself. I worked on my project life album and watched a cheesy movie. It was awesome. They got me a Panini Press which I’m excited to try out!!  These kids of mine keep me running ragged but I love them so much. I am SO grateful I have them. I was thinking last night as I was going to be about the lessons I have learned from my kids. Lessons about kindness and testimony, about love and sacrifice. So many lessons and my oldest is only 11. I know there are more to come! I am grateful for each one of them.


2. Last week my friend Jenn came over and we tried out making empanadas. It was awesome. We’ve been talking about doing it for FOREVER. I love cooking with someone who does it by taste like me. It’s lovely. And we both fed them to our families for supper that night and I put some in my freezer too. This was the beef filling Jenn made up from remembering one she had tasted at a farmers market. 🙂 It was gooood.


3. Finally Norah has a tooth that has broken through. It’s not through enough to say she has a tooth, but there is finally something! She is almost 16 months old and she just got her first tooth. Part of us was a tad worried but mostly we were just amazed! Now it looks like she is cutting all four in the front at once. She’s been pretty cranky and having a lot of medicine to help with the pain. It’ll be strange to have this toothless grin gone!RLS_7430

4.  Caught these two hanging out on the couch “reading” books together. Pretty adorable!


5. I was reminded again this week how grateful I am for good friends.

6. When I downloaded my last pictures I found a few of Eli. Alden followed him around and took pictures of his silliness. Most of them were blurry but this gem wasn’t. Goofs.


7. Alden loves to eat lemons. He loves the strong taste. Norah noticed him eating one and REALLY wanted a taste. She just kept on eating it too. She loves citrus and apparently the zany taste of lemon didn’t bother her either. Funny girl!

RLS_79998. My friend Christal and I threw a baby shower for my SIL Whitney for baby Olivia who was born almost a month ago now.  It was a fun evening (where I stayed up waaaay to late… especially when Norah got up at 530 the next morning!)

9. I’m just finishing this book and I have really enjoyed it. It is right up my alley! will-write-for-food


10. I think spring has finally come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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