10 Moments to remember from the past week:

1. Oliver and Norah “reading” together in the tent I made them in the living room.

2.  Alden got invested into the Scout troop. We are going to make sure he gets his Chief Scout award!

3. The happy happy moments of joy this little man has. Seriously the cutest.

4. Norah watching Oliver with awe at his ability to do things (like jumping onto the couch.)

5. Going to the town Trade Show and Eli getting his face painted like the flash.

6. And Lucy getting a blue cat. They both LOVED it!

7. Trying out Lethbridge’s first food truck out here at the trade show. Yep it was tasty!

8. Attending the General Women’s Broadcast with Lucy. Yep, I’m making a funny face…. but the other picture I was talking. hahahah

9. Taking pictures at the conference here in Raymond for the Ensign. (Which was quite nerve wracking for me!)

10. Dinner club. I really really really love it every single month. I should have taken a picture this month, but I didn’t.